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Enabling CSOs in the Region
  • Enabling CSOs in the Region

ANND plays an important role in enhancing knowledge and capacities among civil society organizations in the Arab region in the field of policies of economic and social rights. It applies the "learning by doing" methodology through the involvement of members and affiliated organizations in the international mechanisms for the acquiring of knowledge.

All Releated Sub-Programs
  • Syrian Disability Representation Project

    In partnership with the Handicap International - Jordan and NUJEN - Iraq, funded by the European Union, ANND implements a three year project that aims to empower disabled and injured Syrians, in order to support the emergency of creating a “Syrian Civil Society Disability Movement”. To reach the goal, ANND identified groups and leaders and trained them on how to: advocate and plan their rights, develop their technical organizational capacity and network, conduct awareness raising sessions and create their own ID and become a formal group.   For more info about the project (how it started, its goals and some personal stories) tap here    

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  • Enabling Environment

    Given that shrinking space for civil society is a common challenge in the Arab region, ANND highlights the importance of an empowering and enabling environment for civil society which includes, besides the relevant legal framework, the access to resources and information, the respect of fundamental freedoms including the right to assembly and of expression as key elements for the democratic enhancement of the role of CSOs.

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All Releated Events
  • A Support Session with Al Weam group


    The Arab NGO Network for Development organized a support session along with Al- Weam group.

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  • A Support Session for Motahedoon Group


    The Arab NGO Network for Development organized a support session for Motahedoon group.

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  • Awareness session at Doukha (West Bekaa) along with FINA group


    The Arab NGO network along with FINA group organized an awareness session at Doukha (West Bekaa), the session was about Doha’s personal experience.

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All Releated Book
  • Enabling Environment for Civil Society in the Arab Region


    In cooperation with NPA and SIDA, ANND launches a book on the enabling environment of civil society in the Arab region.

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  • Book: Implementation of Istanbul Principles in 6 Arab Countries


    ANND has developed a number of research papers on the implementation of the Istanbul Principles in six Arab countries (Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, Tunisia), which evaluate the enabling environment for CSOs and the level of their knowledge and ability to adhere to these Principles.

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All Releated Statements
  • Israel Must Cease Restricting the Freedom of Movement of Palestinian Human Rights Defenders


    Arab NGO Network for Development Statement in solidarity with Palestinian Human Rights Defenders facing travel ban

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  • Why we reject the NGO draft law in Egypt?


    On November 29, 2016, the Egyptian parliament approved the draft law regulating the activity of civil organizations and institutions submitted by MP Abdul Hadi al-Qasabi on September 6, 2016. This was tantamount to a declaration of war on civil society and an attempt to crack down on all active and supportive human rights organizations.

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All Releated Press Releases
  • ANND Publications: 2015-2016


    With the new season of ANND publications coming soon, here is a reminder of our key resources issued in the past two years.

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All Releated Policy Briefs
  • Defending Civil Society Space in Southern Neighborhood Countries


    Freedom of association is an enabling right that underpins inclusive development. The social movements that have ooded the streets of the Arab Spring have the potential to democratize the state and secure democratic transition. However, Southern Neighbouring coutnries are recording alarming growing levels of shrinking space for civil society, violations of freedom of association and peaceful assembly, coupled with restrictions of the right to access to information and challenges in mobilizing nancial resources. 

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  • SOLiD-South Mediterranean Social Dialogue
  • SOLiD-South Mediterranean Social Dialogue is a pilot project for the promotion of social dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean Neighborhood. It is a three years programme (2016-2018), financed by the European Union. SOLiD brings together regional and international representatives of social partners as well as a number of relevant partners from the EU.

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  • Annual Study Week On Trade And Investment policies In The Global South
  • The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), along with the South Centre and Third World Network,organizes an annual Study Week On Trade And Investment policies In The Global South. This event this year will take place in fall 2016, in Geneva (Switzerland). The previous editions were exceptional opportunities to develop knowledge and expertise on the current trends of the global economy and its impacts in the South.

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  • The Arab Watch Report on Economic and Social rights
  • The Arab Watch Report on Economic and Social Rights is published biennially by ANND. The report entails monitoring public policies at the national and regional levels and assessing their impact on specific rights.


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  • The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • The Post-2015 development agenda, next-in-line to the MDGs, will be adopted at the United Nations 

    summit that will be held from 25 to 27 September 2015. ANND actively engages with its partners in the 

    process in order to contribute to the design of effective development policies for the Arab region.

    Along its works, ANND reflects the need for transformative changes to global governance systems and to 

    national policy choices in order to overcome inequality, exclusion and vulnerability.

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