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ANND - Announcement of a Regional Coalition on Tax Justice      
Announcement of a Regional Coalition on Tax Justice
  • Announcement of a Regional Coalition on Tax Justice


A regional coalition on tax justice was announced during a regional workshop in Amman, Jordan, following in-depth sessions between several institutions, associations, and organizations from various Arab countries, which discussed the coalition’s background document. The discussions included the presentation of the coalition’s strategies and working methods, such as lobbying and advocacy, capacity building, networking and membership, research areas, composition, and structure.


The participating organizations also agreed on the importance and necessity of the coalition, which will act as a coordination and networking framework to contribute to achieving tax justice in the Arab region. It will be founded on the strategies of research and knowledge production, capacity building, and networking and coordination. The coalition’s founding committee was charged with following-up the recommendations of the regional workshop. The committee is composed of the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, Social and Economic Rights Monitor – Palestine, Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies – Jordan, and the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights.


The regional workshop on “Tax Justice and Gender Justice in Tax Systems in the Arab Region” was held over two days, organized by ANND and Christian Aid, and hosted by the Jordanian Women’s Union and the Phenix Center. It aimed to analyze and critique tax systems in Arab countries, to contribute to developing fair social and economic policies, achieve social stability and equality, and enhance the role and interventions of civil society on the matter.


The regional workshop included specialized interventions from European and African researchers on tax justice and fiscal systems, in the aim of exchanging experiences on the issue and networking between regional and international coalitions. The workshop also included the presentation and discussion of four analytical studies on tax systems in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt, which will be published soon in a regional report. In addition, case studies on gender justice in tax systems from Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia were presented, approaching taxes from a gender perspective and will be published soon in a regional report.



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