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ANND is an independent, democratic and civil network, established in 1997, aimed at strengthening and empowering civil society and promoting the values of democracy, respect for human rights, and sustainable development in Arab countries, consistent with the International Bill of Human Rights and the freedom and dignity of the individual, respect for pluralism, equitable distribution of wealth, preservation of the cultural heritage of the region, and achievement of the development priorities of local communities.

ANND consists of 9 national networks and 23 NGOs operating in 12 Arab countries.

ANND’s work is organized according to three main areas:
  • Strengthen the capacity and role of CSOs in advocacy and lobbying in the field of economic and social policy- making in the Arab region;
  • Strengthen the space available for CSO participation in economic and social policy-making at the national, regional, and international levels;
  • Promote and develop knowledge products available in the Arab region related to the role of civil society.


The Arab NGO Network envisions democratic, active, and effective civil societies in the Arab Region. These societies would be able to affect public policies, and would be open and interactive with other cultures and societies. These societies respect and protect the dignity and freedom of the individual and their political, social, economic, civic, and cultural rights, within a state of law and institutions, where peace, security, and stability are prosperous.

The internal vision of the Network is based on responding to the challenges and changes on the regional and global levels, whereby it aims at establishing a special presence and effective and active positions regarding decision-making locally, regionally, and globally. ANND works to preserve a democratic, flexible, growing, and developing body that encompasses Arab non-governmental organizations working in the fields of social and human development, democracy, human rights, and the environment. ANND is committed towards implementing the values of good governance and the development of best-practices models for capacity building and institutional structuring.