Dec 19, 2018
Workshop on Monitoring Civic Space in the Arab Region
ANND organized a workshop on monitoring civic space in the Arab region, on Monday December 17th, 2018, in Beirut, to launch the Civic Space Watch, an electronic platform that documents the status of the enabling environment for civil society in six Arab countries: Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Sudan and Morocco. The workshop aimed to discuss the process of defending civic space, to assess the first phase of the program and to build on it for future steps. The Civic Space Watch includes a regional report on the status of enabling environment in the Arab region, as well as national reports prepared by national focal points. Additionally, the microsite includes updates on the latest developments related to civic space and civil society, classified by country, and other studies and reports related to the enabling environment for civil society in the Arab region. Please find here the link for the Civic Space Watch: