Mar 13, 2022
Regional Meeting for CSOs on Sustainable Development 13-14 March 2022 - Beirut

Arab NGO Network for Development in collaboration with the members of the Regional Sustainable Development Platform (ATUC, CAWTAR, HIC-HRLN, ARFPD, ANDE, CAWTAR and TI) organized the "Regional CSO Forum on Sustainable Development" on Mar 13, and 14 2022 in Beirut. Click here to read the recommendations: Regional Meeting for CSOs on Sustainable Development.

First session: A general overview of the development situation in the region and identify key calls for change. 

Adib Nehme

Mohamad Loutfy

Moderator: Jihan Abu Zeid

Second session: covers systemic issues at the level of trade, macroeconomic policies and identify reform needs to address inequalities.

Mohammed Saeed Al Saadi

Omar Ghanam

Moderator: Mahassen Moursel

Third session: highlighting the political transition in the region, failures of the state and how to address nation-building based on cultural, social and political factors. 

Madani Abbas

Hassan Latif Kazem

Wafa Al-Shtaly

Moderator: Salaheddin Al-Jourshi

Fourth session: unpack the new alternatives and new green deal and look closer to the solutions proposed for building recovery and resilience. 

Joseph Shechla

Mohamad Najm

Ibtihal Ben Ali

Moderator: Ziad Abdel Samad

Fifth session: The role of different development actors and means of implementation for Agenda 2030 implementation will be discussed in the second session.

Olga Jbeili

Naseem Abi Ghanem

Mustafa Tlili

Mustafa Nasr

Moderator: Zahra Bazzi

Click here to view the detailed agenda

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