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Ayat Mneina

Researcher, Writer, and consultant

Country : Libya
Theme : Politics and Civil Society
Brief : Ayat Mneina is a Libyan researcher, writer, and independent consultant based in Canada. In 2011, she founded ShababLibya (the Libyan Youth Movement), a diaspora youth-led platform that played a vital role in countering the Libyan government's media blackout during the Arab Spring. Through an extensive network of on-the-ground sources, ShababLibya provided reliable information on the Libyan uprising and served as a trusted source for international outlets. Ayat continues to actively engage with Libya, utilizing both creative and formal platforms to make a meaningful impact and contribute to its progress.
Ayat Mneina

Publications by Ayat Mneina

Oct 03, 2023
Derna Disaster in Libya - Ayat Mneina