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Jamal Bendahman

Researcher and Expert in Training

Country : Morocco
Theme : Political, Economic and Media Analysis, Human rights issues related to multilingualism, identities and democratic transition.
Brief : Jamal Bendahmane, an expert in the civil field: a member of the National Dialogue Experts Committee on Civil Society in Morocco, and a member of the Committee of Academic Experts that supervised the formulation of the citizenship platform (the Advisory Council on Human Rights). He supervised many training courses in Morocco and abroad on topics such as (linguistic and cultural rights, mechanisms for combating extremism, identity diversity and foundations of coexistence - participatory management, citizenship values, the right to information...), and several academic and civic writings were published, including in the training field. :Citizenship education. Education on tolerance (concept guide), and (component guide), responsible citizenship, participatory management, educational governance, school and community mobilization, media and the right to information... In the field of monitoring, it was published: Civic participation in crisis management: a study Interactive documentaries on the participation of civil society associations in managing the Corona pandemic, and studies to monitor issues of democratic transition in Morocco, development and linguistic and cultural rights. Identity issues from a human rights perspective...
Jamal Bendahman

Publications by Jamal Bendahman

Aug 31, 2022
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