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Jana Dhaybi


Country : Lebanon
Theme : Political and social affairs and issues related to detainees, women, refugees and migrants
Brief : Jana is a Lebanese researcher and journalist, she is currently working as a reporter for the online newspaper Al-Modon, as well as a correspondent for Al-Jazeera Net in Lebanon, and she collaborates with the French Press Agency AFP. In addition to the daily field news follow-up, she focuses in her journalistic work on completing in-depth investigations into political and social affairs and issues related to security matters, detainees, women, refugees and migrants.Number of her articles and research papers were published in Arab magazines, websites and newspapers. In 2018, she was awarded in the category of written journalism, the "Media Excellence Award" for covering issues related to gender-based violence presented by the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF). She had trainings and workshops related to journalism, and conflict-sensitive journalism. She has also received a certificate from the American University in Egypt as part of the "Leadership Accelerator program:Women in News". Jana is currently a Phd student at the Institute of Oriental Literatures at Saint Joseph University.
Jana Dhaybi

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Apr 08, 2022
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