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Lea Zeinoun

Public Health Specialist

Country : Lebanon
Theme : Public health
Brief : After obtaining her masters degree in public health with a concentration on health promotion and community health, Lea Zeinoun multiplied her experiences as a content developer in the field of substance use in the areas of school curriculums, community training workshops, field intervention manuals, and monitoring and evaluation tools. In 2018, she joined Embrace, a local NGO working on awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health problems and suicide, as the Executive Director. In the past two years, Embrace’s largest project was the National Lifeline 1564 for emotional support and suicide prevention. After the Beirut explosion, Lea took on the role of Director of Strategic Partnerships, supporting Embrace's growth into the unique organization it is today offering community awareness and outreach, preventive suicide services, clinical services, educational graduate training programs, communication strategies and research findings in the areas of mental health.
Lea Zeinoun

Publications by Lea Zeinoun

Jul 28, 2023
Understanding mental health in the Arab region