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Olga Jbeili

Economic Researcher

Country : Lebanon
Theme : Energy, Development and IFIs
Brief : Olga Jbeili is a Senior Research and Programme Officer at ANND. She is responsible for implementing a project in partnership with Oxfam entitled “Regional CSO Initiative for Equitable Financing in MENA”; its primary objective is to develop a Social Protection Monitor covering 7 countries in the region. In addition, she works on topics related to energy, development economics, financing for development, debt and IFIs among others. She previously worked at the Lebanese Petroleum Administration within the Strategic Planning Unit. She also worked on consultancies for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) on topics related to MSMEs and formalization with an emphasis on the energy and agriculture sectors. Olga holds a Master of Science in Development Economics from the University of Sussex, U.K.
Olga Jbeili

Publications by Olga Jbeili

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