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Saad Salloum

Founder of Masarat Foundation/Professor

Country : Iraq
Theme : Diversity, anti-discrimination, minority rights
Brief : "He holds a PhD in International Relations, Professor of International Relations, College of Political Science at Al-Mustansiriya University and has been teaching at the mentioned college since 2007, one of the founders of the Christian-Islamic Dialogue Initiative 2010, the Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue 2013, the National Center for Countering Hate Speech 2018, Institute for Diversity Studies The Religious Foundation in Baghdad 2019, and the Institute for Diversity Journalism in Iraq 2020. He chairs the MASARAT Foundation, an institution specializing in diversity and interfaith dialogue.He has 19 books on various issues of diversity, most notably: Minorities in Iraq 2012, Creative Diversity in 2013, Policies and Ethnicities in Iraq from the Ottoman Rule to the Present 2014, Unity in Diversity 2015, Yazidis in Iraq 2016, Protection of Religious, Ethnic and Linguistic Minorities in Iraq 2017, Freedom of Religion and Belief for Religious Minorities 2017, Iraqi Media and Issues of Religious Diversity 2018, The End of Diversity in Iraq 2019. Return to Sinjar 2020 Genocide Continues 2022 Identity Dynamics: The End and Resurgence of Diversity in the Middle East (2022). As well as other books on international relations and foreign politics, including the empire of the American mind 2006 and the future of Iraqi-American relations 2008 and other studies published in English, French and Italian.He was awarded the Stefanus Alliance International / Oslo 2018 award for his efforts in defending issues of freedom of religion in Iraq and the Middle East, the Chaldean Patriarchate Award for his book (Christians in Iraq: Comprehensive History and Current Challenges) 2019, Kamel Shiaa Award for the Culture of Enlightenment for his entire intellectual work Ibn Rushd Prize for Free Thought - Berlin 2022"
Saad  Salloum

Publications by Saad Salloum

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