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Wael Gamal

Head of the economic and social rights unit at EIPR

Country : Egypt
Theme : Political economy, Social Rights
Brief : Wael Gamal is the head of the economic and social rights unit at EIPR. He is an Egyptian political economist,  journalist, columnist, trainer, and translator. He has more than 20 years of experience in journalism with local and international media including CNBC Arabyia, BBC Arabic Service and Thomson Reuters. He contributed to the launch of  Al Shorouk daily Egyptian newspaper in 2009 as its economic editor before being its managing editor in 2010. He was the Editor in-Chief of Mada Masr independent web site in 2016-2017 and is currently a Co-Editor of Jadaliyya’s “Egypt Page”.Wael Gamal was the Head of Research of the Alternative Policy Solution Project at the American University in Cairo and El-Erian Fellow Non-Resident Researcher at Carnegie Middle East Center; Beirut, Lebanon in 2018 -2019.He is a founding member of the Arab Studies Institute’s Political Economy Project at George Mason University, Washington DC.He has studied political sciences in Cairo University and finance and investment in Middlesex University of London. Wael Gamal’s work focuses on social inequality, class disparities, debt, fiscal policy and alternative economy in Egypt and Arab countries. He is the author of several papers on social justice, inequality and the political economy of Egypt. He Co-translated Thomas Piketty’s “Capital In The Twenty First Century” to Arabic, published in June 2016 by Al-Tanweer and the editor of “The Egyptian Economy In The Twenty First Century”, published in January 2017. He is the author of “ٍRent Capturers: the Political Economy of Debt, Finance and Wealth in Egypt”, to be published by Al Maraya in 2023. 
Wael Gamal

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Nov 30, 2022
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