Mar 18, 2024
ANND Annual Report 2023

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The year 2023 was a year full of challenges in terms of peace, security and climate

The Ukrainian-Russian war began in early 2022, causing a surge in food and energy prices, mirroring the enduring global crisis since 2007. The multifaceted impacts of this global conflict, spanning political, security, economic, and climatic domains, further exacerbated the situation in the Arab region, which is still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic. Indeed, 2023 emerged as a year marked by unprecedented levels of armed conflicts and wars in the Arab region.

In April 2023, the war broke out in Sudan between the army and the “Rapid Support Forces”, resulting in widespread destruction and significant loss of life and property. This upheaval dashed the hopes of Sudanese citizens for a democratic transition, a dream they had ardently pursued for years.

The year 2023 concluded with the outbreak of war in Gaza on October 7th, an unprecedented conflict characterized by extensive destruction and substantial human and material losses within the Strip. Israel's actions prompted South Africa to file a complaint with the International Court of Justice, seeking investigation into the "crimes against humanity and genocide" committed against the Palestinian population in Gaza. This conflict escalated tensions across the region. In Yemen, the Houthi forces joined the conflict, threatening to block shipping lanes in the Red Sea, crucial passageways through which 14% of global trade flows.

Consequently, shipping costs, energy and food prices escalated, while trade volume in the region plummeted by 42%. The war in Gaza also exacerbated tensions in southern Lebanon, leading to military operations resulting in numerous casualties, property damage, and the displacement of thousands of families to safer areas.

Please click here to download the full ANND Annual Report 2023

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