Oct 20, 2022
Spotlight report on progress in achieving SDGs in Sudan 2022

Spotlight report on progress in achieving SDGs in Sudan 2022

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‪During the Millennium Development Goals process (2000-2015), civil society in Sudan was involved in evaluating the progress achieved and implementation challenges. It then participated in the UN Secretary General’s consultations leading to the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, CSOs are keen to actively participate in the SDGs’ follow-up, monitoring, and implementation. The question of partnership in the SDGs does not concern its set goal. It is also a prerequisite for the implementation of all goals.‬

‪Therefore, this civil society voluntary report to follow up on SDGs implementation aims to promote civil society’s role, interests, and participation in Sudan to achieve the SDGs. It contains ten themes and four crosscutting topics.‬


‪The report relies on information collected from primary sources through a questionnaire involving 15 organizations and a focus group discussion held during a workshop at the Sudanese Development Call headquarters on June 8, 2022‬

Please click here to download the full report.

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