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Faouzi Boukhriss

Researcher and Journalist

Country : Morocco
Theme : Sociology
Brief : Higher education teacher – Socio-anthropologistObtained:• PhD in Sociology • Diploma of the Aggregation in Philosophy• Advanced Graduate Diploma-Women and Development SpecialtyHas published the following publications:• Environmental Education and the Ecological Citizen, Les éditions Rabat-Net, 2021.• Sociology of political parties in Morocco and issues of local development and political development, Les éditions Rabat-Net, 2019.• Women in Social Science Discourse, Africa East-Casablanca Edition, 2016• Sociology of Associative Work in Morocco, and Issues of Volunteerism and Wages , Kawtar-Print Publishing, 2015.• Introduction to the Sociology of Associations, Les édition Afrique Orient-Casablanca, 2013…Has also published numerous articles in Moroccan and Arab journals (Omran, Ostour, Idafat, etc.)Participated in numerous studies and research for the benefit of international and national organizations and institutions, governmental and non-governmental: UNDP – UNFPA- Ministry of National Education, ANND, Y-PEER Morroco, …
Faouzi Boukhriss

Publications by Faouzi Boukhriss

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