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May Hammoud

Associate Professor of Law

Country : Lebanon
Theme : Socio economic policies, Conflict Prevention, Resolution and Peacebuilding
Brief : Dr. May Hammoud has experience exceeding 15 years with International organizations, including 10 years as a Legal Officer with UNDP (Conflict Prevention, Resolution, and Peacebuilding) and served as a legal consultant for several UN agencies, mainly ILO and UNRWA. She worked as a Senior Programme and Research Officer with the Arab Network NGOs for Development (ANND), with a special focus on research tackling Socio-economic policies in the MENA region, mainly in coordinating, reviewing, and launching of Arab Watch Reports. She is currently an Associate Professor of Law at Kuwait International Law School. She obtained her Ph.D. in Law in 2012 from Panthéon-Assas University (Paris II).
May Hammoud

Publications by May Hammoud

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