May 14, 2015
EIB and EBRD Interventions in the Arab Region in the AGRIBUSINESS Sector: A Civil Society insight
The following paper comes in a series of other papers, each tackling a different sector of focus within the EIB and the EBRD’s interventions in the Arab Region. The purpose of this one is to provide tentative background information on the EBRD and the EIB’s involvement in the region in the agribusiness sector. The papers are essential for monitoring the Banks’ work and involvement in the region from a rights-based perspective (how they affect Human rights and policy making). The aim is to provide information and data that help in advocating for the paper’s cornerstone: the right to food. Food security, food sovereignty and the effects of liberalization are all centered on the right to food. Therefore, firstly included is a summary of the Banks papers and studies that reflect their views and policies on the sector as well as brief descriptions of their agribusiness projects so far. Secondly, a quick review on the literature on agribusiness helps to identify the main challenges the sector faces. This section is also essential for the final recommendations.