Mar 20, 2019
Regional and Country Reports developed through Social Rights Monitor tool

Within the implementation of the project entitled “Decent Work, Social Protection and Freedom of Association in the Middle East and North Africa: Mobilizing for Social Justice by strengthening and promoting CSOs, social movements and independent trade unions’ role in reforms and democratic changes” ANND and SOLIDAR  have developed the Social Rights Monitor tool. The tool is used to assess the situations in terms of social protection, decent work and enabling environment and track the progress made since the implementation of the European Neighborhood Policy and the partnership priorities established with the EU.  Feedback are collected on the basis of online questionnaires offering room for civil society organizations, independent trade unions and social movements to provide substantial contribution. In 2017, seven country reports and one regional report were drafted and published in 2018.

Below are the country reports and regional report developed :

Regional report
Lebanon report
Tunisia report
Morocco report
Algeria report
Jordan report
Palestine report
Egypt report