May 22, 2018
Research Series on Tax Justice in the Arab Region

In the context of its work with several international and local partners on establishing fair and just tax systems in the Arab Region, ANND launches a series of studies on tax justice in a number of countries in the region, in addition to a series of policy briefs, and a detailed manual on taxes and tax justice, and studies on the gender dimension of taxes.

1- Book on Tax Justice in Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon, in cooperation with Social and Economic Policies Monitor (al-Marsad)-Palestine, Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies-Jordan, Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, and Social Justice Platform-Egypt, with a regional report prepared by Dr. Nasr Abdelkarim.
2- Policy Briefs on Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon
3- Training Manual on Tax Justice (Coming Soon)
4- Book on Gender Dimension of Tax Systems in the Region, with case studies from Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Morocco (Coming Soon)